Sunday, October 30, 2011

On the Bus Home

One day last week Ricki and I had to return from her exercise class by way of public transportation. We waited only about 10 minutes for the bus, but discovered that it was pretty full when we boarded it. This is not a real problem, as the ride is fairly short, so standing is not all that difficult.
But Ricki is not USED to standing. People often get up for her, especially if she looks upset at needing to stand. A few years ago she would scowl at seated passengers until someone would give her a seat, but thankfully I have been able to squash that sort of threatening behavior. But she still looks very disgruntled when she has to stand.
The woman seated next to us looked very pleasant, and I smiled at her. The next time Rina “humpfed” to herself, I commented:
“That’s OK, she can learn that the whole world isn’t coming to her….”

Thank G-d, the lady stayed seated.
Thank G-d, for once someone didn’t coddle Ricki unnecessarily.
And soon enough Ricki got her seat when someone reached their stop.
And Ricki got a small taste at living normally.

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Batya said...

I can imagine...
On some buses, I'm the old lady and get a seat, but on others there are many older than me, or pregnant with babies etc.
We all have to learn.