Monday, October 24, 2011


Ricki, on shabbas, was looking for treats. [I usually don’t buy snacks for shabbas; cake is enough extra. BUT with my grandkids coming, I had purchased a few “goodies” to distribute.]
The closet from the porch off the kitchen had been temporarily displaced to the salon, in order not to be crowded into the sukkah (a booth for the festival of Tabernacles). Ricki was searching the closet top, and not finding the contraband, pushed the basket she was searching vigorously back to the top of the closet. She pushed so hard that it knocked over the second basket located there, laden with a few cooking pans. And all this fell on my head as I was sitting on a chair reading next to the closet……
I gave a surprised yelp, clutching the top of my head. Luckily my head scarf had absorbed some of the impact, and nothing beyond a few moments of pain occurred. Ricki however was in absolute shock at what she had done, albeit inadvertently, and was hugging me in sympathy. But then , after a minute, I started laughing. It really was funny, and certainly not done on purpose. Ricki, who had undoubtedly been sure that she would be scolded for her carelessness, looked even more stunned by my laughter than by the accident. So I purposely laughed a bit longer, till she loosed up enough to join in…..


Batya said...

B"H, you're ok. Did she stop looking for the stash?

rickismom said...

Actually, YES!