Friday, April 2, 2010

Mid-Pesach (Passover) Post

Ricki has been weathering Passover rather poorly. She has bad stomach upset (probably from downing her Matzot too fast, without chewing them), and unlike those who left Eygpt, she has lice. (A VERY treatment-resistant lot, I hate to add….)

And now a list of low-calorie (relatively) things to spread on matzah:
White cheese
Cottage cheese
Grilled eggplant mixed with a BIT of mayonnaise or oil
Soft-boiled egg
Horseradish with beets
A bit of grilled salmon blended with a BIT of mayonnaise.

I have all of these available.
So G-d I ask you (tongue-in-cheeck-question),
Why do (homemade) chocolate spread and butter taste SO MUCH better????

And how am I supposed not to overeat when I am 90% of the holiday standing in the kitchen?
I am praying I break even and didn’t gain. Whether I did or not, Passover will soon be over, and hopefully I will be back to normal soon.

PS .Passover has been GREAT! 2 sets of grandkids were here for the first day, and today more are arriving!


Anonymous said...

My weight watcher leader suggested we eat only one matza a day, no potatoes, and limit the eggs. That leaves: breakfast, one matza with low fat cheese, lunch, a big salad with a hard boiled egg and tuna, and supper, chicken and veg. Unfortunately, I was joking about this while spreading chocolate spread on a matza at lunch....

Terri said...

We had a lice problem a couple years ago--also completely resistant to treatment. I highly recommend getting one of the metal lice combs because they are much finer. Then just frequent combing... tedious, but effective.

Good luck.

Pink (AKA Lucia) said...

Good luck on getting rid of the lice!