Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Potato Chip Bribe

Pesach loomed ahead of Ricki like a glittery treat: not only was she out of school, but her nieces and nephews were coming! Over a period of three days, all would put in an appearance, and for her this was definitely something to look forward to.
The only problem was when her don’t-tell-me-what-to-do personality got in her way.
The first day of the holiday, her older brother Y.L. was here with his wife and two daughters. Ricki decided in the early afternoon that she was going to read the older daughter, Gitti (age 3 and a half), a book. It should have been an excellent idea; Gitti not knowing to read yet, was ripe for entertainment. But Ricki had been a bit bossy that morning, and Gitti was reluctant to take the risk of sitting by her aunt.
Now a “normal” teen would have waited patiently a bit, coaxing and gently persuading her niece to join her. Not Ricki……
Ricki told Gitti in no-uncertain terms to come, and scowled at her when she didn’t. Gitti’s Mom and I took turns sitting next to Ricki, to provide “protection” and reassurance, but Gitti insisted on sitting one person removed from Ricki. I finally managed to convince Gitti to sit on a separate kiddy chair next to the sofa that Ricki was on, but Ricki refused to read to her like that.
Delicately I drew Gitti aside and offered her a bribe: one small bag of potato chips. She gleefully acquiesced, and plopped herself onto the sofa next to a thrilled Ricki.

The nice ending is that once she got through a few moments on the sofa, she forgot her fears and had a lovely time with Ricki for the rest of the afternoon!
I just wish that Ricki would sand off her rough edges a bit. She won’t be able to bribe all the people she meets in the future with potato chips…..


mother in israel said...

Nice story. That girl is a toughy!
I remember a 'girl' in my neighborhood when I was growing up. She was older than I was but I thought she was a little girl, because of the way she acted. In those days everyone was labeled as mentally retarded but I don't think she had DS. I remember when I realized that something was wrong.
Anyway, I'm sure your grandchildren will have fond memories of playing with Ricki.

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I am so jealous because I hate my nieces and nephews and you ate potato chips... they are the worst nightmare. I will do my best to understand why you love them.

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