Monday, April 13, 2009

Blog Awards

Trish, over at Another Piece of the Puzzle, has given me the "honest scrap award", whose rules are:
A) List 10 honest things about yourself—and make them interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
B) Pass the award on to 7 bloggers who you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap and whose blogs you find brilliant in design or content.
"A" is easier. "B" I will do partly. I feel that seven is a large number of blogs. If you give a n award to everyone you read, it loses value. Not that I read only seven, mind you. But I have less than seven blogs that I feel I can't miss.

Our Sages say "answer question "A" first, so here goes:
1. I am in my late fifties. I was not a young twenty-thirty year old when I gave birth to Ricki. But please don't think that I have forgotten what those early years of marriage and family are about!
2. I have two very distinct aspects to my life that I have managed to fuse. I grew up in small-town America, the daughter of two wonderful intellectual parents, and have somehow fused that with living in Israel today, mother (and grandmother) to a rather large brood of offspring, in a society that is very traditional.
3. I like all types of music, except “rap” (if you can call that music….) Music should be pouring out of my kids, by all rights. I used to play guitar, and my husband still does. My brother plays violin and piano VERY well. Maybe that’s where Ricki gets her excellent sense of rhythm from….
4. I am what you would call an ultra-orthodox, chareidi Jew. Yep, with scarf-covered hair, long sleeves, skirts below the knees.
5. I like purple food: beets, purple cabbage. Maybe this is a holdover from my childhood, when my older brother made blue tapioca…..
6. I spent a year in college, between high school and nursing school. I hung out with a rather freaky type of crowd, all who used marihuana other than me. Once someone asked the group’s leader, a girl called “Buryn” what I was “high” on, as I looked so content. “Oh,” Buryn replied, “she gets high on LIFE!”. I think know I inherited this positive and upbeat attitude to life from my mother. (Thanks Mom!)
7. I used to take ballet lessons.
I once (as an adult) read a child’s book (in Hebrew) about a baby elephant that was sent to study dance. I laughed all the way through the short piece, because that was what I was…..
8. I used to pretend to like Rosé wine as a child. It LOOKED so good. My Dad approved. THAT was important to me. Secretly, it was too dry for me. I wonder if my father ever guessed……
9. I do not know how to type. (I use what my older brother called the “Columbus method”: find a key and land on it…) Typing was taught senior year of high school, and I finished high school in three years.
10. I am very persuadable. It is easy to convince me that you are right. I can envision my opponent’s view. Yet I am confident in my own views. It sounds like an contradiction, but it isn’t. So in high school I avoided “debate” club, but excelled in public speaking.

B. I pass the award on to:
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rutimizrachi said...

Wow, RickisMom! You know how to make someone's day. Thank you for the award. More importantly, thank you for the insights into yourself. Very honest, and very sweet. We need to play some music together! (And that includes Ricki. Good percussionists are a special pleasure for me.)

Schvach said...

Hello Richismom: Thanks for leaving a comment on my post about the visit paid by a contingent of Amish to the Lubavitch at 770. I just learned about your site from Ruti Mizrachi's. I used to work as a nurse, and so I want to wish you a
yasher koach on your devotion to caring for Ricki; also on your joining Klal Yisrael - mazel tov!

Terri said...

Thank you for this and for the meme in your other post, I am just getting back from another of my blog sabbaticals (doesn't that sound nicer than 'totally disorganized and unable to put two thoughts--or two minutes--in a row times?') I will get right on these!!

You know you are on my daily list as well. Wouldn't miss it!