Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ricki’s Driver (the “Mentsch”)

Ricki’s driver to school is a “mentsch” (someone who acts nicely, properly).
I have related in the past (here) how Ricki often goes down late for her ride.
Yesterday morning Ricki was late again. The driver was honking downstairs, and Ricki slowly and painfully made it down the stairs, having managed the day before yesterday to re-twist her almost-healed sprained ankle. But while I could have blamed her tardiness on the ankle, I was honest enough to go down and apologize to the driver, as her lateness this morning was due more to the fact that I had overslept than any actions on Ricki’s part. In fact, we had managed to get her ready and downstairs in record time. (I am planning to fill out the forms for Guinness tomorrow….)
The driver gave a non-chalant wave of his hands. “You think I was born yesterday? It’s O.K.!”

A mentsch.
One of those people that makes my life a bit easier.Yes, amoungst all the stupid officials, the people who love to make your life difficult, there ARE those who fit on the good side.
The holiday of Purim is coming next week. Guess who will get a nice “shaloch manos” (gift of food)? It is certainly coming to him.


Terri said...

Hooray for mentches!!! (I hope that is a good plural.) Hooray for people who actively try to make things better and not worse!

CJ Field said...

It amazes me how the smallest token of kindness from someone can mean so much to me. The SMALLEST I be sure to pass it on, especially when I'm in the mood to be one of those people who makes life MORE difficult for others!