Saturday, March 7, 2009


One year my then 11 (?) year old bought a "shatiach" (rug) of small fire crackers. He went to the roof to light ONE. (He KNEW I didn’t allow….) Accidently he set off the whole rug. It sounded like a machine gun going off. We got calls from everyone who knew us in a one block radius, yells from the neighbors, and he was crying as no one was commiserating with him over the valuable loss!

But I guess the enforcing of "NO SELLING" firecrackers is helping--- have heard none so far this year! (Which is good, as Ricki HATES them and goes a bit “ballistic” if she hears them.)

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Anonymous said...

A kid already lost some fingers in a firecracker accident this year, so someone must still be selling them.