Monday, March 2, 2009

Dieting on Remote Doesn’t Work

I was doing OK on my diet. Slipping up here and there, but basically doing fine, and slowly losing. Well, this week I won’t lose. No, I didn’t dig into so much terrible stuff. But I did loose the sense of “watching”. That is enough, on its own, to ruin things.
I suddenly realized that even though I am (mostly) eating the proper things, I am consuming too many portions. Not from malicious intent, but just from not paying attention. I’ve been busy with too many other things, and slowly, stealthily, the evil inclination showed up with an extra serving here, a nibble of candy there, and suddenly my eating was already not in control.
“Well, as long as the candle burns, it is possible to fix shoes!” (A saying implying that as long as a person is alive, he can rectify himself.)


G6 said...

Dieting is always a struggle.
You seem to have a very healthy non-defeatist attitude.
Keep it up.
I'm rooting for you :) !

A Living Nadneyda said...

Thank G-d I've never had to struggle with this issue -- thinness is in my genes -- but I have plenty of friends who do and I'M PROUD OF YOU! It's great that you're getting back on the bandwagon right before Purim, so that you already have a precedent going into the holiday and you can hold strong!

RivkA with a capital A said...

Good for you, for realizing what's going on and retaking charge.

Maybe if I read you often enough, I will get to work on my own eating habits....