Friday, February 27, 2009

“Retarded Policemen”: Selling a Stereotype of Down Syndrome

Josh Perry, the actor who does the series of short films “retarded policeman” (posted on You Tube), has really gone too far. I never liked his series, and after seeing about two, decided that I could definitely forgo them. They are crass, and frankly only funny to people who enjoy crass/obscene things. However, someone posted #15 on an Autism/Asperger discussion board, and everyone responded very favorably. (I noticed this as it was listed on Google’s “Down syndrome” alert list.) Well, I at least, beg to differ.
I feel that the whole “retarded policeman” series is demeaning. I feel that Mr. Perry is using his own Down syndrome to sell the “permissibility” of things we would not condone in others. Somehow, he seems to feel that if a person with Down syndrome makes fun of retardation, of disability, and reinforces stereotypes, then that is somehow OK. He is essentially selling his own acting ability by reinforcing all the terrible stereotypes we would like to get away from.
If he did NOT have Down syndrome, wouldn’t we be up at arms about his portrayal of the intellectually impaired, and of disabilities? If the answer is yes, than he also has no excuse to sell this perverse view of Down syndrome. I think a bit more self-respect in our community is in order.


Terri said...

You said it!!! Getting myself before you get me is a common action of the abused, when they do it they feel like they are taking control of their abuse (Ha ha ha! It's ok if I say it!)Only thing is, they are STILL being abused. By. Themselves.

It is no good no matter how you slice it. He is abusing himself and teaching the world how to treat him and others. Respect and self-respect are both very needed.

George said...

Get a life.

Mind your own business and let others do what they want to do.

rickismom said...

Well, Mr. George, whoever you are, words HURT, and stereotypes HURT my daughter. No one would even DREAM of doing slap-stick anti-black humor today, would they?

Unknown said...

I also believe it is very rude for Josh Perry to be making fun of himself. It will only encourage more people to taunt and make fun of people with down syndrome. Down Syndrome is a serious disease, and I don't make fun of people with down syndrome because people that have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome did not choose to be born with Down Syndrome.

David Dufer said...

hes makin money as he is a sponsored youtube actor. is the owner of this blog jealous or just so much of a cunt she cant find the humor in things.

rickismom said...

Mr. Dufner, I was tempted to deleate your comment due to the language, but I decided to let it stay.
Your language shows intolerance. Note that I said an opinion that Mr. Perry is perpettuating a stereotype that is harmful to my child. I am disagreeing with his action. I did NOT call him any names. I did not demean him in any way.
Humor that hurts is not funny, or even if it is, we desist from it because of the damage it causes.

ThePro7864 said...

He's not really trying to insult people with Down Syndrome. He's just trying to make people laugh. I'm pretty sure he means no harm in what he does. It's not like he's making fun of retarded people intentionally and in a mean way; he doesn't even mention anything about down syndrome in the series.

I think you're taking this too seriously. The definition of the word "retarded" is pretty vague to the general audience of the people who watch the show. If they see someone who is really mentally retarded then I'm sure they wouldn't do anything to harm them emotionally or physically.