Friday, February 20, 2009

25 Things About Me

My brother tagged me on facebook, so I officially am giving up (this once) to my I-don’t-care-if-you-tagged-me policy.
1. I studied cello for about a year or two in grade school and was terrible at it…..
2. I was my Dad’s scuba diving partner for several years and loved it.
3. But Barracudas in the water scared the living daylights out of me. My Dad used to laugh at my always turning around to see if one was following us….
4. I have large feet. Got the “crazy big foot gene” from both sides. Maybe I should file for disability…..(finding shoes to fit is atrocious….. My current solution is a specialty store in Jaffa)
5. I used to have a big collie-German shepard dog, called “Circe”. (Today I would NEVER use such a name.) I used to hope that some prince charming would notice me with the dog, but it didn’t work.
6. Careers considered:
Doctor (too long training)
Oceanographer (not too appropriate for the religious girl I was trying to become)
7 I eventually became a registered nurse.
8 I finished high school in 3 years. Hated it and got out when I could. Result is that I never learned to type, and therefore I “type” today using the “Columbus method” (find a key and land on it.)
9. Had almost no friends in grade school.
10. Used to write a lot of poetry, first piece published in 7th grade statewide English competition.
11. Climbed long’s Peak when pretty young (don’t remember exactly when, but was in grade school).
12. Took Ballet for several years (Mom allowed so I would learn to not fall over my feet). I used to “dance” to records in our living room, imagining I was a professional dancer. I still like dance.
13. One winter day (age 10??) I wore rubber boots without the shoes, and got frostbite on my toes.
14. I have 4 married children, and several unmarried.
15. I love almost any music other than rap (and that’s not music, anyway….)
16. I am a perfectionist. Terribly so. I keep bumping into reality…..
17. I learned Spanish for several years. I forgot it, word for word, as I learned Hebrew. So it seems that I have a 2-language mind. (Unlike my husband, who knows several languages.)
18. I can sew, but who has time?
19. My first husband was an American Ethiopian-Yeminite Jew. (very black). I never did like the stares. (Today he would not be stared at, there being many Ethiopians in Israel. THEN it was before the big influx of Ethiopians, and blacks were few and far between.) One Aunt asked me how I could marry a Jew, the other asked how could I marry a black.
20. As you might guess from 19, I am a convert to Judaism. In high school I used to walk around with a Hebrew bible. I think my Mom assumed it was a passing phase. I guess she had bad luck. I asked her once about it, and she said, “When a baby bird falls from the nest, he doesn’t fall that far.”
21. I hate cigarette smoke. But REALLY.
22. I never , but never, forward chain letters.
23.I love turtleneck sweaters (in the winter)
24. I seem to like the color purple. My favorite salads are chrain (horseradish with beets), and purple cabbage salad.
25. When I was in early grade school, we had no TV, and when we did get one, our viewing was limited to 2 hours weekly. (I highly recommend the practice.)


Batya said...

Wow! We have a few things in common, but I'm not doing the listing, at least not now, as I get ready for Shabbat.
10, 12 studied dance almost every year from 3-20 and then taught for a few years.
17, 18, 21

Shabbat Shalom!

G6 said...

I too was struck by how much we have in common (and at the same time there were several things notably DIFFERENT), but my favorite is the "perfectionist who keeps bumping into reality".... I feel that way all the time!!!
Thanks for taking the time to share and make yourself "real" to your readers.
Good Shabbos.

RivkA with a capital A said...

LOL -- My brain also only has enough room for two languages!! I learned Spanish for 5 years in Jr High & High School and was FLUENT. I started learning Hebrew and within 6 months I could no longer communicate in Spanish!!

I also HATE cigarette smoke (and am SUPER SENSITIVE to it).

I also have very little tolerance for chain letters!