Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yes, I am talking about myself. I am terribly stupid. I stayed up last night, exhausted from not enough sleep, watching some stuyiot (stupidities) online.
A loss of valuable time, a loss of sleep. And that will make dieting harder.
To top things off, I awoke late, and had to rush Ricki (poor thing, wasn’t HER fault) to get her off to school on time.
I thought I had a normal IQ. Wonder where it is hiding???????


RivkA with a capital A said...

Oh, sooooo relate to this one!!

You would think that evolved life forms would figure out that if they need 8 hours of sleep and they have to be awake by a certain time....


And I used to think I had above average intelligence....

Terri said...

OK now, my friend...why are you being harsher with yourself than you would allow anyone to be with Ricki??? Your IQ is not in question! Breathe deep--today has many opportunities for different choices. BE KIND to YOURSELF!!!

I know, you're just frustrated--be kind to yourself anyway!!! :)