Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Gift of Self

An acquaintance of mine is a sort of a “dabbler-in-all” of several professions. She has dabbled in the alternative medicine field, she runs exercise classes, and sells some items from her home. She has a small stature, but has an opinionated, fiery personality. She’s also the type of lady who when she shows up somewhere, is “in and out” as soon as she can. She is a busy -busy lady……
But I know her best for her first “profession”: teaching knitting, and doing arts and crafts work. So this last summer, I approached her about the possibility of working with Ricki this fall, teaching her embroidery and sewing skills. She agreed on a very reasonable price.
Than the financial crises hit, and I had to tell her that I could not hire her after all. Ricki’s swimming classes are expensive, and her favorite highlight of the week- drama and exercise clubs- are priorities. I just can’t afford more right now.
Suddenly a few weeks ago, she asked me if Ricki is free on Wednesday afternoons. Simply put, she had decided to teach Ricki anyway.

Now doesn’t it make your day to know that there ARE people like that out there? It sure made mine.

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A Soldier's Mother said...

I love that there are people out there like this...and that they show up at the moments in our lives when we really need them. Glad Ricki's going to get what she needs.