Friday, November 27, 2009

The Value of Time (2)

My son’s comments really got me to thinking. I wonder if G-d is not looking down at me and saying to himself, “Oh, what a waste of time......” about so many activities(see last night’s post) in my life. Up to this year I was extremely busy preparing study materials for Ricki, and now I do that much less. So I should be wallowing in time, but I am not. I spend a lot of time online, as well as a good hour daily out walking, on the average. The walking is for my health and is not a waste of time. Much of my computer time was.
So I have been making a concerted effort to spend less time watching all those interesting (yet SO unimportant) videos on the news and posted by friends. I limit the time I spend online. I try to catch up with the news by radio as I do housework. Yes, I miss certain things. But choices on how one spends their time is imperative. Today I “wasted” an hour talking with a friend. But THAT is important. And I believe that my blog is too, since I am blogging from a much different perspective than most parents of children with Down syndrome (as there are very few blogs written by parents of older children). But somewhere one has to limit themselves when it comes to pastimes, whether it be reading, movies, computer time, or anything else. It all needs to be BALANCED. But of course, it is easier said than done.

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