Friday, November 6, 2009

A Tail on My Trail

I had to make a brief visit to the doctor yesterday, about a lab test I wanted him to order. I feel confident going lately, especially as I am losing weight, even though I’m not sure the good Doctor knows that this is true. (Or maybe he is afraid that this is a passing phase. After all, for YEARS I have been TALKING about losing weight.)
Anyway, I was halfway there when I realized that Ricki was trailing me.
I quess that after three days of retreat, she was afraid that I would disappear on her again.
So with no choice (if I wanted to arrive at my appointment on time), I allowed her to tag along.
But I didn’t let her come in the office with me, and I refused to buy her any drinks, etc. on the way back.
I’m just wondering how long this “desertion fear” is going to last......

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