Thursday, November 12, 2009


I confess that I don’t “celebrate” Thanksgiving, just as I don’t “do” mother’s day. In my mind, mother’s day is a largely retail-market-fueled guilt trip. And the Jewish equivalent (sort of) of thanksgiving is the sukkot holiday, held earlier in the fall.
And, in actuality, we should be showing our appreciation (to G-d and to Mom) much more often than once a year. Have you told your Mom how much you love her as late?
And as for G-d, try this: every day thank G-d at least ONCE for some part of your body that is working properly, without pain. Today I am thanking Him that my knees are getting better, and hurt MUCH less. But the list is endless. Be grateful.... and see how happy that can make you!

PS Mom, no I am not a hypocrite. A nice letter is in my email "to send" file, but for some reason, the server won't send it. I will try again later......
Folks, just know that my Mom is fantastic!(Really!)

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