Sunday, February 2, 2014

The "Challenge"

    Passover is coming… not THAT fast, but two and a half months from now I want to welcome the holiday calmly, and serenely. (Reality: very slight chance of that….)
   So this week I plan to organize myself, planning when to do different pre-Passover cleaning tasks, shopping, etc.  But that is not all. In addition I hope and plan to keep exercising and walking for as near to the holiday as I can. So for THAT I have made a "challenge" to myself:
-to do a small amount of strength training exercise twice weekly (3 times if at all possible) until at least two weeks before the spring holiday. (For the two weeks before the holiday I should be doing enough physical labor to keep my muscles in shape.)
-to do an aerobic walk at least 5 times weekly.
     And if I do all this I plan to reward myself with a new watch for the holiday.

    You must realize that we are capable of motivating ourselves to stretch beyond easy limits.
    Bribing works.
    We just need to know what "goal" will make all that effort worthwhile.

   And in the meanwhile, knowing that soon my L-O-N-G walks will need to take a furlough, I have been enjoying the lovely (but unfortunately too dry) weather we have been having, and have been walking along the shoreline:

2 weeks ago to Hertzalia:

This week south of Jaffa:

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