Tuesday, January 28, 2014

From the Corner

   On Sunday I really didn't have a lot of time to go walking, but I did want to get about an hour or more in. So I set out to do a few errands I had to do in some stores near the Yarkon river park, and from there I went for a short walk along the Yarkon, between the 7 mills area and the shopping mall.
    On returning to the mall, I elected to take a bus home, hoping that if I caught a bus right away, I might get home quicker. (Usually I would walk, but I was also a bit tired.) However, when I reached the 92 bus stop I realized to my distress that I had missed the previous bus by a minute or two, and the next one would be in only 25 minutes. So as I have done before, I headed over towards the next stop, where I could catch either this next bus, or the number 7 bus, whichever would arrive sooner.
   As I neared my destination (the bus stop that is), I was at the corner, waiting for a green light, when I saw the #7 bus arrive at the intersection. But he had a red light, and I had a green one.
  I took off running. The stop is about a third of a block away, and I was hoping to beat the bus, with a bit of luck. But I knew that it would be a close call, so I really  RAN. And RAN. And I (just barely) caught the bus.

   I never felt better in my life.