Sunday, November 18, 2012

Facebook and Your Soul

A lot of my friends have been posting pro-Israeli videos and photos on facebook, and a few I have passed on. Many ask that we click "Like" to show our support for the young men prepared to risk their lives for their fellow country-men's safety, and I readily do. But RARELY, here and there, I see posts that disturb me: "Make a hell-fire in Gaza" "Wipe Gaza off the Face of the Earth" EXCUSE ME?!? Yes, we have to stop the rockets. And yes, we have the right to target military objectives. And yes, the Gazans choose Hamas. But since when are we going to let the complete disregard that Hamas has for innocent civilian lives (of even their own people, never mind ours…) CONTAMINATE OUR souls?!?!?? Are we really willing to sink down to that level? During World War 2, a Jew asked his Rabbi, "How can I praise G-d for making me a Jew?" The Rabbi answered: "You are thanking G-d that you are not like those (inhuman) beings…." My readers who are fellow Israelis, be proud enough of a Jew not to become a shadow of a man.

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