Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Fatal Flaw: Male/Female

   No, I am NOT saying that differentiation of the sexes is a fatal flaw. However, both men and women have a fatal flaw that can lead to death in a missile attack.

On Thursday evening I was walking near my house when I thought I heard the air-raid siren. I told my friend who was with me, "Come, let's at least get under a building".
-"But no one else is!"

I was the only one on he entire street who took any type of shelter from the unexpected siren. (It was unexpected, being the first in our area.). With women especially, our fear of being laughed at can kill us.....

  The fatal flaw for men is their curiosity with all things military.  I understand that the two men killed earlier that Thursday had not gone to a safe room, but went to watch the action, thus they were exposed.

   Let's NOT give a victory to Hamas. Please do what it takes to stay as safe as possible.


Anonymous said...

Closer to (my) home, look at all the people living in flood zones who didn't evacuate for hurricane Sandy.

Batya said...