Monday, October 29, 2012

The Fun of Chucking Out Clothing

    What's so fun about chucking out old clothes?
     Well, in reality I am giving them away to charity, AND they are not so old. They are simply, a year or two after purchase, too big.
    You see, today I tried on my clothing from last winter, and had to choose what to keep and what is too big to use. What's fun is seeing how much I have lost over the last year…. And two years…
      I also had an OOLLDD blouse from years ago that I had saved (for "when I loose weight") which two years ago was still too small on me. Somehow I overlooked it last winter, and now it is way too big.
   Yeah, I feel great!


SunnySacramento said...


Batya said...

I had some of my better clothes made a couple of sizes smaller.

galiah said...

that is awesome!