Friday, October 26, 2012

At a Wedding- Progress to Normal (Non-Obsessive) Life

   I went to a wedding last night. Due to being busy, I had not gone" walking" (my regular exercise) yet. So I decided that after taking the bus to Jerusalem, I would walk to the wedding hall (about a 35-minute walk), and back afterwards. That would give me the minimum. I even took an umbrella with me in case of rain. 
    However I did not know that Italy's prime minister would be arriving at the hour of my bus trip, so due to security measures (ie. road closures), the normal 1 and a half to 2 hour trip took a good three hours. So I ended up taking a taxi to the wedding hall, in order to arrive at a half-way normal time. 
I ate supper at the wedding, a bit over my normal amount, but still not really over-indulging. As those around me dug into the fried foods and a full 250-calorie bread roll, I felt absolutely NO deprivation at the low-calorie choices I made. 
And of course I loved the "Gee, I almost don't recognize you!" comments...... 

    But what struck me was my ability to eat normally, like a normal (healthy) adult. I was able to allow myself an extra stretch for a special occasion , knowing with confidence that the stretch would not lead to a binge. Also I was able to pat myself on the back for deviating from my initial plan of walking to the hall, without qualms. I was able to allow myself some flexibility. 

     Now this post is NOT about allowing yourself to exercise less or overeat a bit (although it may darn well look that way!). Early on in my weight-loss journey I could NOT eat at a wedding- - if I started, stopping was too hard. But today I have the confidence that I will stay on an even keel, that I will be careful without being obsessive. IE, NORMAL living! 
     And I DID walk back to the bus station after the wedding, passing the "harp" bridge on the way! 

     But do you want to know what was the best part of the evening? I was able to dance and dance and dance and dance without stop, without let-up, without feeling that I'm about to have a heart attack!


Batya said...

Yes, it is easier after mind and body get used to a new way of eating. I can't get over how people keep thinking I've lost more weight even though my weight has been steady for 3 years.

ps Dancing was even better for you than that first cancelled walk would have been.

mikimi said...

It was great seeing you!
I wish my body looked as good as yours but then again I don't exercise so unlikely to be as slim as you are.

Cindy said...

This is awesome news! Congratulations!

Rickismom said...

Yes, Batya, I knew the dancing was better, but (BUT) I was planning on dancing, too! Although perhaps not as much as I did. I was pleasantly surprised at how long O could really kick it up without stopping.

Mikimi, you look GREAT!