Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chucking Out NEW Clothing?!?!????

    Now, it just so happens that a few items of the clothing I am sending away to charity are new. How did THAT happen???
   One item was a jacket I bought Ricki at an end-of-the-season sale at the large sizes store. It is too big for me. But the rest???
   Well, it happened like this. This last spring, at the end-of-the-season sales of winter clothing, I purchased about 8 items, being sure to buy things that were a bit too small. And yes, they fit me now. However, when trying them on, two items struck me as rather ugly. Yes, they fit, but I didn't like them.
   I guess I was SO happy to be able to purchase end-of-season stuff  NOT in the "big size" store, at cheap prices, that I was not too careful. I could keep them, but I won't. The days of me wearing things I don't like just because they fit are over. And besides, I have enough items which I DO like, or things from last year that can be altered. And I have purchased a few new items this week as well. What I really noted today was that the style of clothing I wear has changed. I used to wear loose flowing clothing, and over-blouses, to "hide" my weight.Today I feel that this style makes me look heavier, and I am tucking my blouses in, and using more of a form-fitting tailored cut of clothing.


Cindy said...

It's exciting to be able to buy new clothes and to change your style because the clothes fit better. Congratulations! At least the new 'old' clothes are going to charity.

mikimi said...

I so understand you (and I am still envious of your new body shape that you worked hard to achieve).
Many of Weight-loss friends, including myself, have decided/realized: we will buy/wear clothing that looks real fine and that we like;we often do not want wide flowy loose outfits with elastic banded skirts/pants but rather zip-up and more form-fitting/tailored tops (as long as these items accentuate flatteringly our "new" assets.
To me a skirt with elastic is for FAT lady and now I am just fat. Most of my shirts fit me like tents but there is not much to be done about it as the boobs and tummy are flatter and smaller but not my body circumference or arms. I won't be a Barbie/Twiggy.
I am so happy for you and all that you have achieved in body ,mind and all that you have taught us readers in raising R, may she abs all she taught us always be remembered!


Rickismom said...

Mikimi, it could be worth your while to get a seamstresses opinion on how to alter your clothing so it fits you better. We are not all standard sizes. Often when trying on clothing, I note small changes that need doing (whether it be closing the neckline a bit, taking in a bit here or there), and these small changes can make a HUGE difference.

Batya said...

I'm still trying to replace my wardrobe to make it more flattering since there is less of me. Enjoy!