Friday, February 10, 2012

The Sale

Once (about two years ago) I was in a big-size clothing store when I overheard a customer complaining about the truly exorbitant prices. The saleswoman noted that big sizes need more cloth, but that excuse was (and is) a flimsy one. The truth is that the store, knowing that their shoppers have few choices as regards where to obtain ready-made clothing in large sizes, can charge whatever they want. (The cloth in a 300shekel blouse, even in size 60, costs at the most 60-100 shekel.) The only option is for shoppers to wait until the end-of-the-season-sale, when they can buy the blouse at a regular (but not regular SALE) price. So this year I had a real pleasure. Finally I am what is considered a “normal” size. A size that appears in the racks of “sale” clothing in normal stores… So I went and tried on a few things, bought a few items that were a bit snug (they ought to be perfect next winter), as well as a few summer items that I found. Losing weight is FUN!!! GRIN.


Batya said...

Yes, it's so true. It was a shocker to go into Isha Isha and find out that all the clothes were too big for me! And now I can get clothes in all the regular stores for less money.

belehcar said...

That's awesome!!! Congrats!

mikimi said...

I envy your success and wish it were mine too!
I go into a store and being as I am short, it doesn't seem to matter that I've lost weight and have a flatter tummy, I am all too often still told that they fo not have anything in my size!