Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Carrying the Schoolbag

I mentioned about two weeks ago that Ricki was “on strike” and not going to school. (See HERE)
      It took us about a week to get her back into attending classes, but in order to do so we unfortunately had to reach a compromise with her that allows her to take a  bus to school, rather than walk the three and a half blocks. I was loathe to let her stop walking, it being the only consistent walking she does, but as it was she was neither walking OR attending school.
     For the last week she has insisted that I carry her schoolbag downstairs for her, and the first few days I complied, since I anyway wanted to see if the driver arrived on time, that Ricki knew where to stand and wait, etc. But after that I only took the bag down in order to avoid a fight and risk her missing her ride. Finally I decided that this had to come to a stop. Today (OK, yesterday already…) I informed Ricki that she could jolly well take her own schoolbag downstairs. She started wining and throwing a scene. So I just walked out of the room.
     PRESTO! Once I left the room, she saw that I meant it, grabbed the bag, and trotted on down the stairs on her own manpower…..


mikimi said...

O hope she continues to realize mommy means business and accept this fact as reality!

rickismom said...

Unfortunately this morning it was not the reality. It was either I take the bag or she would miss her ride. So I took it, being under pressure. So now there has to be "consequences"(which I told her would come) --which I need to decide on before her return at 6PM today.Probably no apricots tonight (her favorite "TuB'Svat" fruit...

mikimi said...

Wishing you gave better luck on her understanding and willingness to cooperate.