Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Miss Conversationalist

   When I am out in the evenings, Ricki is pretty much on her own. Her Dad is always home, but often sleeping, and generally her sister is home, albeit on the second floor. However, we have had no problems with this arrangement in general. Before I leave I make sure that Ricki has had supper, that her bed is made, and that she understands when she needs to go to sleep. (If I can, I also call to remind her.)  I generally also give her some activities to do to keep her occupied and out of trouble. However, Ricki has always, at least until now, complained bitterly whenever I leave.
    Sunday night I had a group meeting with several friends, and I expected to return home a bit on the late side.
   “Why do you have to go?” she asked me Sunday afternoon. I explained that just as she has friends, so do I, and since I am no longer in school (and thus don’t see my friends daily, as she does) I need to meet with them sometimes.
  So that evening as I left I was surprised to hear Ricki wishing me “Have a good time!”, rather than her usual complaints. And the next morning she even asked me if I had enjoyed myself.


perlsand said...

That is so wonderful-gives you a good feeling even as you're leaving, doesn't it?

rickismom said...