Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When Life Gets Wild

Several times over the three weeks of Ricki’s hospital stay, I mulled over in my mind what a friend once told me. This Rebbitzen (Rabbi’s wife), who had had a child seriously ill in the hospital, shared with me how she managed to keep her diet when under stress:
“When I had no control over anything around me, I got comfort from knowing that THIS one aspect of my life was still under my control.”
Sick children are only one type of stress. There are others; most of us have those people or situations that put us under stress. And whether we are dieting or not, we all have SOME aspect of our behavior we would crave to maintain.
And then along comes something unforeseen. Something that make life absolutely wild.
-We can’t control nature.
-We can’t control others.
-We can’t prevent all illness.

We CAN control ourselves.


Ariela said...

Hi Richismom! There is an aticle in the Nashim magazine of Makor Rishon this week that might interest you. It was a horrifying testimony by a woman who abandoned her newborn baby girl at the hospital 20 years ago because the baby has DS. I would send it to you, but I don't have your email address. Maybe you can find it from one of the neighbors if you are interested.
She feels horrible and regretfult about it and gave the testimony so other women in her position will realize the long term ramificantions of abandoning a baby

Cindy said...

Very true! I'm trying to instill this into my 20 year old. I also have to remind myself numerous times a week!

perlsand said...

Just wondering how you and Ricki are doing since you haven't written in a while. Hope she has a refuah shleima.