Thursday, June 23, 2011

Soon We'll Have to Go to Misrad HaP'nim (the Interior Ministry)

Well, Ricki's IV didn't come out yesterday, which is good because they wanted to make further blood tests today. When I said a relieved "Well, at least she won't need to get stuck again…"' they hastened to inform me that the 5-day old IV would not allow a blood draw, and that they would need to stick her again.
Unfortunately, I was not "pushy" enough to insist that they try, and assuming that they knew best, I allowed them to look for a vein elsewhere. When they were unsuccessful, one nurse effectively drained stagnant blood off the IV connection, and managed to also get the 5cc's we needed for the tests. I DID insist that they take her TSH level as well, suspecting highly that her above-normal TSH levels from a test done a month ago were off due to her illness.
It is hard for me to be assertive; it is not my general nature. If I had been more assertive maybe I would have asked for X-rays earlier from Ricki's doctor, and perhaps this whole thing would have been averted (although I doubt it…).
However, one area where I am trying to make my opinion known is my protests against the extension of Ricki's hospitalization. When her O2 saturation levels last night were significantly better, I was upset when the need for further blood tests and another night of checking her oxygen saturation level resulted in postponing her discharge for "at least" another day. "Tell me, I quipped, do I need to go to the Misrad HaP'nim (interior ministry) to change my address to 'Shneider Hospital'"?
If for some reason they insist that she not be discharged tomorrow, I am going to try very hard to get a 30 hour "vacation" break for her for over Shabbat, as she really has little enough to do here on shabbas, and I can't imagine her doing anything other than moping in bed if we need to stay.


mikimi said...

Maybe you (pl)will be released on Friday?

Ariela said...

Oy - Rickismom - you are going through hell. Hoping she will be home tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It IS amazing how assertive you have to be in a hospital setting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is hard to know when to be assertive assuming that the hospital staff knows best. Just follow your gut instincts when something does not seem quite right......Easier sad than done of course.

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