Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Few Odds and Ends

First, an update: Ricki is finished with antibiotics and her IV will be coming out today. HOWEVER, she apparently has a VERY SLIGHT sleep apnea (caused by her narrow airways plus overweight), and so her O2 sat last night went down a few times last night (when she was sleeping on her back) for literally seconds. Unfortunately, once they went down to 80%, and THAT is enough for them to want to keep her in the hospital. Meanwhile, both of us are bored terribly, although right now a girl from sherut leumi (national service) is keeping her busy and occupied.

-One good thing came from this hospitalization. During the period that she was under complete sedation, Ricki lost 10 (!) kilos.

-I am in general very pleased with Shneider hospital. The staff is courteous, flexible, and communicate well. Almost all have spoken directly to Ricki without me needing to prompt them about this. Also (at least here on the regular ward), there is a large range of available activities to keep a child occupied.