Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chocolate "Fix" and Feeling Like……./HOME!

(written Thursday in the hospital, but not posted then)
I have been, thank G-d, successfully keeping my diet* while here in the hospital with Ricki, as well as my minimum of 10,000 daily steps. In a way it was easier when Ricki was unconscious in ICU, as the staff basically only needed my help for her bath. Thus I was able to dash out for hour-long aerobic walks without repercussions.
However, now that she is awake, an ornery teenager (told you she was feeling more strength….), and likely to stick her nose into other patients' rooms, I basically can't leave the hospital. So I have been making do with short ten-minute aerobic walks in the hospital corridor, early in the morning. This morning when I explained my plan to the night nurse, reassuring her that I would pop back to the ward every 10 minutes, I added: "I am used to 60-90 minutes of aerobic walking daily. If I don't get in at LEAST a half hour I feel like 'death warmed over'." I know that this is an extreme expression, but it says how I feel quite succulently.

* After they rushed Ricki to ICU our first Friday here, fearing a lung collapse, I went down first chance to the hospital gift shop and bought myself a chocolate bar, (but at least it was a small one)(and it turned out at day's end, within my calorie count) . But it does show that I still have (and will probably always have to some degree) an inclination to use food as a "fix".

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Becca said...

Your chocolate transgression is completely understandable, especially given the circumstances. I would have completely fallen off the wagon...

So glad to hear Ricki's feeling so much better!!