Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Pesach Cleaning" Ricki's Room

[For those of you who are unfamiliar with "Pesach Cleaning", it is a THOROUGH cleaning of one's house before Passover, with the intention of ridding the house of any crumbs of leaven.]
Yesterday I cleaned Ricki's room for Passover. The biggest problem in doing her room is her bed, which is wedged between the wall and my computer. Moving her bed so as to reach the crumbs beneath it is very difficult, involving moving the computer table first, etc., etc....
In the middle, I called Ricki to help me. As we extracted TONS of stuff from uner her bed (she has a tendency to throw EVERYTHING there), she let out a big sigh. I humbly suggested (as I often have in the past) that she stop using the floor as a waste-basket.
So later that evening I went to check where she had placed her books after reading them. For once, they were NOT behind her bed....

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