Friday, March 18, 2011

“No, Mom, It’s a Doll”

I did a half-start early this morning when I went to hang some laundry out on the clotheslines at the front of the house. Graciously, it took but a split-second to realize that the body hanging from my neighbor’s roof was a mannequin- a hanging of the biblical (book of Ester) arch-villain, Haman.
Purim (which will be Sunday) is the day that Jews celebrate the triumph over those who would destroy us. And while we do not seek to harm others, when we are faced with a choice between national suicide or fighting our enemies, our choice is clear.
The international press always has a field day with Israel, but I am proud that my sons are in the Israeli army. I am proud of my son who came home exhausted this week after playing a side role in the search for the murders of the Fogel family. Show me any other army in the world that drops leaflets warning non-combatants to leave before attack. Show me any other nation that shows the sympathy towards the civilian population as the Israeli forces. (See HERE for just an everyday example….)
You will NEVER see in Israel “celebrations” as those the Palestinians made when hearing of the murder of the Fogel family. But we will fight for our right to exist, and celebrate the downfall those who are truly evil and actively trying to kill us.
By the way, I mentioned to Ricki that our neighbors had “hanged Haman”, so she cautiously glanced out the window. Her comment: “No Mom, it’s just a doll…..”


Batya said...

Yes, we're like no other nation...

Anonymous said...

Shalom "Rikismom"
This comment doesn't have much to do with this specific post as much as it has to do with your daughter having DS (which is pretty relevant to your entire blog).
I'm a nursing student studying in Israel. I am doing a project about parents in Israel with children that have DS and I'm trying to learn and get to know what type of support they get here; specifically referring to self help/support groups.
I was wondering if I would be able to get in touch with you in some kind of manner more personally (if you would prefer not, I 100% understand). Or perhaps you can forward me a link to a previous post that you've written one the same subject-support groups/self help groups in Israel (if it's relevant to you at all). Or perhaps you know of someone whom it would be more relevant for me to get in touch with...
Either way, thank you for your time and understanding.
Kol Tuv
Nechama D

rickismom said...

Nachama, the main organizations are "Yated" (general DS group in Israel, and "Yad al HaLev", the chareidi organization. Yated has a center for shiluv as well.
Yated02- 6721115
Yad al Halev-03-6786808
yated shiluv 03 9271395

rickismom said...

BTW, one of my grandsons was PETRIFIED of the hanging doll, even after I explained that it was a doll. He's right.....