Tuesday, March 9, 2010

She gave Herself License…..

I was planning today to write about how Ricki hasn’t stolen borekas for a whole week or so. Progress. (GRIN) Real progress.
Don’t worry- she didn’t.
But imagine my happy balloon deflating as I saw Ricki extracting my VERY EXPENSIVE camera from her school bag this afternoon. In the morning I had caught a shot of her frying an egg (I’ll post it tomorrowhopefully), although by the time I had fetched the camera, the shot was not as good as what I had wanted to photograph. Then I must have left it in sight, and Ricki simply gave herself permission to make off with it, and took some 50 pictures at school today.
I am only happy that the camera came back in one piece….and that she isn’t (hopefully) stealing borekas.


Anonymous said...

She definitely needs her own (inexpensive) camera.

rickismom said...

She HAS!