Monday, March 1, 2010


My body “ain’t what it used to be”. While my knee pain has gone away (the only good side effect of having less time to walk, I guess….) my shoulder and arm have gotten much worse,. To the point that I have decided to return to the doctor.
Fat people don’t generally like going to doctors. We are told the terrible painful truth (that whatever ails us is usually our own fault….). And many doctors have trouble seeing the person below the overweight, and treating us as people.
So the fact that I am returning to the doctor is telling. More so is the fact that any movement past 45 degrees hurts my left arm, including simply holding a cup of coffee. (How I can clean for Passover like this is anyone’s guess…..)

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Anonymous said...

What can I tell you? I am 50, not overweight (62 k), and am currently suffering from a bad right knee (which prevents me from doing certain exercises), and a bad left arm (which prevents me from doing any remaining exercises.
So your doctor shouldn't blame it on weight.