Monday, March 1, 2010

Post-Purim Post

Sorry about the non-posting, but this is what I meant when I said a while back that I would be posting less until after Passover. I have had a hectic week. Work continued (finally!) on my kitchen last week, and on Friday morning we made a quick dash to Jerusalem and back, to join my oldest son’s celebration of his new baby boy’s birth (circumcision). Then Sunday was Purim, and tonight I decided I would do no more than clean up.
Purim was very nice. Soldier–son was here for most of the day, as well as his 2 younger (and non-religious) brothers. Also two married sons and their families dropped by. And, as usual, everyone got along FINE. I am so proud of my crew for loving each other and looking past labels.
Ricki was partly well behaved, having listened nicely to the megillah reading (of the scroll of Ester). She was more of a pest as regards the abundance of sweets, and needed firm reminders that she was not allowed to eat whatever she desired! Her niece was puzzled at some of her misbehavior. At age 4 plus, she knows that Ricki is older than she is, and was surprised that she could misbehave. She doesn’t yet realize that Ricki is “different”, but I suspect that she will realize within a year. At some point we take each grandchild aside and explain the situation, outlining the attitude we expect from them as well. This has worked well in the past.
So to those of you in Jerusalem (where it is still Purim), hope you have a happy and safe celebration!
[REMEMBER, NO drunk driving! (The wife of one of my married sons returned by bus to her house, as her dear husband “sleeps it off” on my sofa…….) (To those who don’t know, Purim celebration involves, generally, some consumption of wine…..)]

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