Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The New Scales... did I Gain?

In general, I allow myself a bit more food on Friday-Saturday (in honor of Shabbas, an extra hundred or so on Friday, and up to an extra 500 calories on Saturday. I am able to still lose a kilo or so weekly, and I get the benefit that I quash cravings during the week with the excuse that I can have some on Shabbas...
Well, this week, with Rosh HaShana, the extra clories went on for another day. So I was prepared to lose less or break even this week, weight-wise.
Then Monday was a fast day (no drinking/eating sunup to sundown). This sounds good, but it isn't. It is very hard not to overeat after a fast.
I admit that I ate a bit more than what I had hoped (I was hoping for perfect control), but expected to at least break even.
Well, I stepped on the scales today, and despite being very good except for those three days, gained 1 1/2 kilo! HOWEVER
BUT HERE'S the RUB: the pharmacy has a new scale this week, so I don't know if I gained, or its just because the scale is different. I am assuming that I gained, but have decided not to take it seriously, just to keep going. Eventually it will come off!
In any case, I am NOT goin to let this discourage me. I AM going to lose. I will continue. Next week has another fast day, and I will try harder not to overeat before/after. I bought a scale today to check portion sizes.
I WILL Lose (even during the next batch of upcoming holidays, which thankfully are on Saturday, so are basically like any other week, except that I will have more guests and will need to be in the kitchen more.)
I will lose.
I will.
This week, next week, until whatever it takes to get down.....


Staying Afloat said...

I believe you will.


Anonymous said...

At least in E"Y you only have one day of Yom Tov to overeat, plus it's also Shabbos. You will do OK!