Friday, September 25, 2009

Addictions and Walking

In “12-step program” terminology, I would need to confess to being a chronic, compulsive overeater (who is currently not overeating, due to personal choice). However, like most addicts, I have substituted something different. Presently that is walking.
Walking is becoming a necessary part of my day. It is not something I HAVE to do. I WANT to walk. For starters, I feel better, both physically, and mentally, if I get out and stretch my legs. The blood pooled in my varicose veins starts moving, and I feel much more energized as a result of getting “out and about”. And, I swear, the other day as I went downstairs, and stepped briskly out towards the sidewalk, I felt a rush of adrenalin, endomorphins, or something. It felt good. Really good. (I’m glad it’s HEALTHY!)

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Lisa said...

I am proud of you!