Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

“Staying Afloat” at “And miles to go before I sleep...” has given me the “creative Bloggers” award. Thank-you very much!
And here I will, as usual, bend the rules a bit. I am nominating 3 (not 7) bloggers (I always feel that 7 is way too many...):
1. Belinda, over at “A Journal in Photos” consistently catches the most amazing shots. I always feel that if you look for beauty (and G-d) in the world around you, you can find it. Belinda’s blog does this, consistently.
2. “A Soldier’s Mother” writes very descriptively of what it is like to be the mother of an Israeli soldier. While her blog may be too right-wing for some of my readers, don’t let that put you off. As a fellow “mom”, I know that her fears, and how she is dealing with them, are articulated extremely truthfully, and articulately.

3. Matt, at “Welcome to Illinois” is actually from London (click his blog sidebar “Why Illinois” to see why he choose that title) is one of the most honest, informative, and straight-talking blogs on Down syndrome that I have come across. (Even if his blog is, as he says, “a religion-free zone”.)

seven FIVE interesting (??) things about me:
1. When is Estes Park last month, I would have bought a T-shirt saying “I Climbed Longs” (Longs Peak, elevation 14,259 feet)( which I’ve mentioned previously HERE), because I HAVE (albeit as a child, and MUCH thinner than today). I was impeded by the lack of anything even CLOSE to my size. LOL people would NOT have believed me, anyway!
2. I wrote an award-winning poem in statewide competition in seventh grade. I used to write poetry a lot. Then life came along and I got too busy. Maybe I should restart.
3. I used to scuba dive with my Dad. I even considered becoming an oceanographer (which probably would have pleased my Dad, but I chose nursing instead).
4. I was a real outcast in school. I was overweight, too. Once in Junior high school, a local “exclusive” teen store had a drawing for a free sweater, and I won. They QUICKLY retracted their plans to photograph the winner for an advertisement. But at least I got the sweater.
5. I used to give a lot of charity to the “special ed” school in our town, hoping that the merits would protect me from a fate I couldn’t “handle”. (I was older, and my Mother-in-law kept warning me that I would have a child with Down syndrome.) Well, I was wrong on both accounts. I HAD a child with DS, and low and behold, I managed pretty good....
IF you MUST have your SEVEN interesting points, please go HERE.


Ilana said...

I like your blog a lot and have found your recent series on conquering bad habits both helpful and inspiring. Thank you!

I wonder if you might have meant that A Soldier's Mother might be *right* wing for some people's taste? (Me, I'm happy with her politics -- but I think few would describe her politics as left-wing).

rickismom said...

Thanks, SP613. I corrected it.

Staying Afloat said...

Great links- thanks for playing.

Oceanography? So great. I've always wanted to scuba dive, but the one time I went snorkeling I felt like I was dying.

rickismom said...

Well, my Dad needed a scuba partner, and I got drafted! I love scuba, but don't have anywhere tyo do it today. (Besides, I would need a TON of weights to submurge!)