Sunday, September 14, 2008

Down Syndrome and Politics

Chris, at “Mothering by the Seat of my Pants” wrote a blog on 9/11 ( see here ).
[Half the reason I read her blog is because I get a good laugh every time from her blog title…].

My addition:
If politics interests the people around a person with Down syndrome, it will probably interest them as well.
Ricki wants so much to fit in, that she laughs at jokes that she doesn’t understand She will even laugh at a joke in a language that she doesn’t know, if others are laughing. [for example, see a short part of this post.]
Ricki, and probably most teens with Down syndrome, are aware of what interests others, and they will thus pay attention. When Ricki was about five, there was a lot of discussion in Israel about the trial of a government figure, Aryeh Deri. Posters with his photo abounded, put up by those claiming that he was being railroaded. Once when we were on the bus, Ricki saw a poster outside. “Hey”, "DERI” she yelled. People on the bus were SO surprised that she was aware of this at all.
I suspect that next elections, Ricki will join in the fray. [Too bad. I HATE politics….]

PS Why do I hate politics?
1. Because I figure that they are ALL lying through their teeth, so why try and figure out who is “best”? [But I try nevertheless, and DO vote.]
2. I am always left wondering how in the world do they manage to pick such incompetents every time. Out of the whole country, this (!?!?) is the best they could find (!?!?).


SuperRaizy said...

I think the reason that so many incompetent people enter politics is because it is an unstable and unrewarding career choice. You don't get paid much, you can be fired at any time, and you are constantly criticized and vilified publicly. The smart and capable people work in the private sector, where they are well paid and appreciated.

RivkA with a capital A said...

Wondering where you live and if you are in touch with other moms with similar aged DS kids. I have a friend here, in Jerusalem, with a high functioning, very lovely daughter who is 12 or 13.

You can write to me at: