Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Construction In and Out

Our town has been one big traffic jam for the last few years, due to increasing amounts of cars on the same narrow streets. So the city hall has finally gotten down to the business of enlarging the “Main drag” wherever feasibly possible. Of course, this construction has its downside as well: It’s a “pain in the neck”, as traffic gets rerouted ( the bus you are riding home suddenly will not be stopping near your house…), sidewalks disappear, etc.

But I bear with it, knowing that in the long view, it’s for my own good.

Meanwhile, our house plumbing renovations are going ahead… VERY slowly. I’ve been without running water in the kitchen for over a week. …….But, again, the gain outweighs the pain. The bath is almost done and is beautiful.

And what about internal construction? Renewing our deeds and personality as the (Jewish) New Year approaches? (Or as a chance comes, for those of you who aren’t Jewish.)
Difficult. Painful.
Takes foresight and planning.

But, undoubtfully, for our long term benefit!

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