Saturday, May 9, 2009

“YOU KNOW.....”

Friday morning Ricki was in a rather downcast (and slightly prickly) mood. The good news is that I was not half-glued to my computer, and had obtained a bit more than the minimum hours of slumber, both as a result of my new resolutions.(No, I’m not telling you how much sleep. I plead the fifth.....)
So at one point, as she was trying her “best” to irk me, I draped my arm over her shoulders and said: “You know, Ricki, you could try to be a bit more pleasant, and I think it would be so much pleasant for all of us....”
It worked. She listened. And she was pretty good the rest of the time before exiting the house to go to school. She even accepted that she would get only one diet candy, and not two, fairly quietly.
Oh, a bit of love and understanding goes SO FAR. I have to use it more often....


Ria said...

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RivkA with a capital A said...

good for you!

it is just as hard for us to modify our behavior as it is for them (if not more so).