Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lag B'Omer- Special Exposure

[I wish that this photo could be better, but that's the way it worked out! Hopefully I'll have something better next week.....]
Well, yesterday was Lag B'Omer. Years ago, I used to walk around the neighborhood, breathing in smoke (which I hate). Now I have it easy.

The synagogue downstairs always makes a bonfire. So I close ALL my windows, except that on the (closed) porch off my kitchen, and Ricki watches from there. She can sing at the top of her lungs for the whole hour that they celebrate downstairs, and it disturbs no one. (Because downstairs they play music, sing, and dance, and they are LOUDER than she is....)
Here you can see Ricki's back at the right of the photo. She was having a GREAT time!
PS The fire is seen from three floors above, and they arrange it very safely, in a metal conainer on stilts (so kids can't reach it), and then they arrange a barrier all around. Whenever I see the lag b'omer bonfires, I am reminded of the fires of the auto-de-fe from the inquisition.....and the strength of spirit that outlasted them!


Lynn EnsMom said...

Isn't it fantastic when our kids can have the freedom to be themselves and sing LOUDLY without correction, watch bonfires AND be safe?!
I have longed to visit Israel. You don't say how long you've been there or why, but I hope your time is truly wonderful.
Intriguing photo!

annies home said...

sounds like it was lots of fun and exciting a great memory to have and hold