Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Stubborn Player

On Saturday, Ricki asked me to play the game “Trans America” with her. This is basically a strategy game, which sometimes I play with her older brothers. But I agreed, and sat down to play. But as we played, I noticed that often she was putting her train tracks in very odd places. Her moves were guaranteeing her a loss. So I begged her to let me help her a few times, to explain, etc. She sort of agreed. I could latterly see the battle crossing her face, between her desire for independence and her desire to win. At first th quest for independence won out. Then, suddenly, I noted that she was looking at the map cards carefully… she was trying to lay the tracks as the rivers she saw drawn on the map!
Eventually, she let me give her a few hints (I was carefully saying “notice this and this...”, “What is better if you want to do so and so?”), and she won the last round to her (and my) great pleasure.


theprofessor said...

I've been perusing your blog a bit after you posted on mine (thanks for the post, by the way) and I just want you to know that Ricki is very fortunate to have you. You seem like a very dedicated and capable woman, and I really liked the way that you handled the situation with the game - it shows the hallmarks of a true educator and a true parent who really cares for and loves their child (not like you need me to tell you that).

I am a teacher and have worked with special needs kids before (mostly ADHD, dyslexia, and auditory/visual/motor processing problems), and I appreiciate your approach both here and in the previous posting.

Just a bit of praise from someone who stumbled onto your blog - I think we all need to hear it now and then.

rickismom said...

Thanks. We all need praise.I learned slowly...didn't come overnight.