Friday, April 17, 2009

“I’m SO Excited”

Yesterday morning was the first day after Passover. I was getting out the non-passover dishes, and I gave Ricki some fun worksheets to do. Suddenly, she came over and stated emphatically: “I am SO excited!” At first I wasn’t sure about what. About school restarting today (the next day)?
No, it turns out, that like most of us, she was looking forward to her first slice of bread in over a week. I just didn’t realize HOW much!
* * * *
And in a similar yet different vain, one day last week Ricki came over and hugged me and started crying. She said that she missed he grandfather, who died a few months ago, who she had met two years ago. After a few moments hug, she went on to other activities.
It seems that Ricki is wearing her emotions “on her sleeve” lately.

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