Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Five things I Love About Being a Mother

"A Mother in Israel" has asked me to post about :
Five things I Love About Being a Mother
1. I love, above all, seeing the face of my child as he holds his own child. At this point the full circle has closed, and I see the love I gave them being passed on.
2. I love the occaisional glimpse into the wonder and awe that a child sees in the world around him. It is something we SHOULD have, but have lost.
3. A nursing infant, still depedant on you for food. I (used to)gaze and think: All of this child is from what I ate. In went potatos and meat. At pregancy's end (and continued with nursing)somehow G-d transformed that all into bones, sinews, and skin!
4. I thrill with my ability to influence my children, to help shape them. The best way to fix the world is to raise your children to be happy, responsible adults.
5. I love seeing the quiet angelic face of a child asleep. Even if he was a pest the entire day, as he sleeps his true essence surfaces.....

I TAG "Mothering by the Seat of my Pants" and "Barriers, Bridges and Books" to try this, IF they want....

PS. This was written a few days ago. Now I am hopefully busy putting my Passover dishes away.....

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