Friday, October 17, 2008


Yesh” –usually said “YESH!!!!!”- is a Hebrew slang that defies description. The nearest I can think of is “Wow, Right On, Whoopee”, or the like.
The first day of the Sukkos (Succoth) holiday we had very few family members with us, just my unmarried sons in the evening. In contrast, this Saturday two married sons were to show up. However, as the remaining siblings heard that their two brothers were coming, the third married son and the unmarried kids (plus one fiancée) decided not to miss out on the opportunity to spend the weekend together. So, although I could start cooking for the first day of the holiday just a day in advance, yesterday I was already deep into preparations….
Ricki usually asks me on Friday “who” is coming for Shabbas (Saturday), hoping that maybe one of the married couples (ie., someone with a BABY) are coming.When she heard that ALL THREE are coming, she let out a resounding “YESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

[Picture of the decorations in our smaller, more rain-proof sukkah (has a movable roof-cover.) (Picture was taken before the holiday)]


rutimizrachi said...

You know you've scored a level of success when your kid starts speaking in up-to-date slang. Literary language aside... YESH!!!!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

very nice decorations, we have a few of those black velvet things where you color the white part.

and that sounds like her dream come true, all the family together!

Lady-Light said...

Just discovered your blog. I'm overweight too--tell me how you are trying to lose, maybe I can follow it. I also have a grandson with Down Syndrome, and he's a great kid! (-more power to you!)

Leora said...

Ricki, thanks for visiting my blog. I took one of these decorations for JPIX, the Jewish bloggers carnival, which I will be hosting on Sunday. Should be fun! (It will be a little version of one of the pics linked to this post).