Monday, October 20, 2008


I have two sets of readers (in general), the special-needs group and the Jewish-Israeli group. This is basically for the Jewish crowd. There are so many nuances, and Hebrew words here, I am not sure I could make it understandable to the special-needs crowd without a thesis! Without promising, I hope to make an ABC’s (just for fun) for my special-needs readers. (Although that will be much harder… here I could use English, Hebrew, or Yiddish words, giving me a lot of flexibility…)

Succoth ABC’s
A is for autumn, finally here,
B is for “booths” we erect every year.
C is for citron, a citrus in yellow,
D for decorations, both flashy and mellow.
E is for Esrog (Ethrog), Citron’s Israeli brother
F, families in Sukkah: Dad, kids, and Mother
G is for board games, played in the sukkah
H is hoshanas around the bimah.
I is for Isaac, the third spiritual guest,
J is for Jewish holidays-this is the best!
K is Kohelles, or Ecclesiastics,
L is for Lulav, tall, erect, long,
M is mizmorim, voices raised in song.
N is night-stars, seen through the schach,
O for ornaments, only those that are kosher.
P is for planning meals and trips,
Q is for queries about your lulav’s tip.
R is rambunctious grandsons finally a-slumber,
S for SUKKOS, seven days in their number.
T is for Torah we’ll celebrate with Simcha tomorrow,
U for ushpezim we will part from in sorrow.
V is for velvet Torah-covers on Simchas Torah
W for willows, to tie in fives, as a prayer,
Begging and Yelling , and pleading for rain.
Z, Zei Gezunt, a blessing for health,
And with that I am finished! That was enough!

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Great Job, flowed very nicely!

I have an aunt that would use the letters of a persons name and write something about them when it was their birthday or something.