Sunday, October 26, 2008


Ricki is very concerned about being like everyone else in her class. If her father jokingly suggests doing something “not accepted” or standard for her peer group, she will make a “Who in the world gave you an idea like THAT?” look.
So this morning Ricki was looking at her new “good” pair of shoes (for Shabbas wear), and I overheard her saying “Miriam will see them and say ‘WOW, how smart!’” In fact, I would count her friends potential disapproval, the biggest factor in Ricki’s efforts to be clean and neat
. She is also very excited about the new dress she is getting for her sister’s wedding. Now, at an earlier age, she had a tendency (a VERY pronounced one), to react to wearing a full skirt by twirling and sitting on the floor. For that reason, I have avoided buying her full skirts for a few years. But now that she will be getting one for the wedding, I am trying to stress that “teens” (as opposed to LITTLE girls) DON’T sit on the floor. Hope I am not headed towards a disaster.


Anonymous said...

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

"smart" sounds like something someone British would say.

Even if the big factor in her being neat and stuff is from friends approval, it still counts that she cares enough about her appearance for any reason.

I remember when we used to twirl in our skirts, we would make ourselves dizzy and then fall on the floor. I suppose she is too old to sit on the floor. But I myself still sit on the floor, but not in fancy clothes. When I go to my neighbors on shabbos, I let them all sit on the coach and I sit on the floor with the younger ones, makes it easier to play with them. Also, when I wait for class to start, a lot of times the door is locked, so then I sit on the hallway floor waiting for the prof to come and open it up.