Monday, October 6, 2008

Housework vs. Spirituality

We are barely three days away from the holiest day of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). It is a day of fasting, and trying to correct our failings. This week is part of that process… the days leading up to the fast day are to be marked with introspection, asking forgiveness and making amends .
And here is Rickismom, completely absorbed in planning what I will cook for the upcoming Sukkot holidays, so I can send my son shopping at the supermarket tomorrow. In addition I am busy with laundry, preparing Ricki’s study materials, and wondering how on earth will I manage to sew a dress for Ricki for the holidays, especially since my bathroom porch is still in upheaval from the repairs, and is begging for me to “make order”. And tapping away at the side of my brain are a few valid atonement thoughts: “Less time reading blogs would have meant not getting so backlogged with work.”
“You know you have to work harder in your relationship with ‘X’….”
And so, the question often arises: How spiritually inclined can I be when I am caught up in the quicksand of everyday stuff?

Actually, it is not a contradiction. We all admire the humanitarian do-gooders of the world. But I suspect that we forget that doing “good” is usually a nitty-gritty series of tasks like preparing supper, and clothing those who need it. Is it any less of a good deed because it is for my family?

And, besides, if we want to reform ourselves, that honest voice pecking at the side of our brains as we wash the dishes is usually not too far off….


Belinda said...

I relate! I realize that I waste a lot of time on some aspects of blogdom, but on the other hand, some of it is about relationship and since that is the only lasting thing, here and in eternity, that has to be a spiritual thing, don't you think?

What I need to stop is the compulsive checking of hits on my blog and seeing if I've had a comment! :)

Thank you for sharing about the days of introspection. I am doing my own bit of that this week and it's neat to know that I'm in sync.

rickismom said...

Yes, Belinda, but sometimes I think we get addicted to blogs--- its nice getting comments, especially from people who don't see the bad side of you...

The danger is if we let time at the computer take away from family and community work. As with all things, finding the balence is the real challenge.

Anonymous said...

rickismom, you help create a conundrum for me - I'm sure I should be cutting down on the blogs I read, and at the same time I cannot quit you!

I also find that I think and pray during housekeeping activities. If I just sit to pray, well, sometimes I fall asleep. Sorry, I know your blog is not for personal confessions. Just sayin'. Barbara