Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Down Syndrome ABC

Please don’t look at this with a fine-toothed comb. I promised, so I did, but I don’t have the time to really polish it up….

Down Syndrome ABC

A is for attitude, achievements, and aims
(need good samples of each to really make gains.)
B is for Barriers, Bridges, and Books
(a blog just as good and fine as it looks.)
C is challenge, not a bad word
(Learning to deal with the real world.)
D is for Down syndrome, and any disability,
(Don’t stare as if she has horrendous disease!)
E is education, that’s what we want
(Not “babysitting” , but studies we hunt.)
F is ferocious, I warn you well
(a mother can advocate just really swell.)
G is generous, gracious (and fair)
(let us get money due us straight and square!)
H is happiness, home, and hope,
(do not doubt our ability to smile and cope.)
I is inclusion, “just” education
Slowly spreads round the world, nation to nation.
J is justice, which we pursue,
…wish the other side could step in my shoes.
K is for kindness
And L is for laughter,
M for memory, mnemonics, teaching that matters.
N is for Numicon, a math tool so fine
Teaching and having fun all at one time.
O is opportunities, we pray for more,
P, possibilities, (jobs we adore).
Q is quality in services, in life
R is rights, rights, and rights!
S is sorrow, we all feel at times
(just don’t dwell there; quick visits are fine)
T is triumph for each small gain,
U is united- reaching goals we attain.
V is vision, variety, vast,
Breaking the stereotypes of the past.
W, “Welcome to Holland”, for new moms, ideal
(X-actlly our feelings, that “piece” is so “real”)
Y is like “why”, a question without answer,
Z is for Zenith, and for Zooms, and zoos
(some normal things for the kid to do…)


Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Great Poem, sounds really good, as I was reading each line it reminded me of all the things you have wrote about before, with inclusion, jobs, stereotypes and everything else.

Ricki is lucky to have a mother that is working so hard on her behalf!

Michael's Loving Family said...

this is wonderful!!! Thank you for stopping over at Nathan's blog. Did you write this? It's wonderful.

my family said...

I love this poem could I please shar this on my blog, just let me know. Thanks

rickismom said...

Yes, you (and anyone else) can share this as long as you give me credit and a link back to my blog.

Terri said...

Love this--and thanks for including me!!!! Thanks also for your submissions to the blog carnival. You do such great work!

A Living Nadneyda said...

I really enjoyed this... and I'm not just saying it, because I usually don't like ABC-type poems. I found this moving and true.

mikimi said...

I, too, enjoyed this poem.