Thursday, October 2, 2008

Can I Change?

The Jewish New Year has come and gone. Many people have made resolutions for the upcoming year. I haven’t yet, and I’m not so sure why not. Is it because I’ve been too busy to think? Or perhaps because honest appraisal of my life will lead to realizations that I must make changes in areas I prefer NOT to change? Or is it because I am already questioning my ability to make any meaningful changes at this point in my life?

I suspect that it is a bit of them all…..

One change I AM making. I am cutting out a LOT of the blogs that I follow. I enjoy them. But I do not have the time to read several blogs daily. So if you see that I stopped following your blog, please DON’T be insulted. If you ever have anything really interesting, or something you would like my comment on, just tag the link on to a comment here, and (without promising) I will try and check it out.


frumhouse said...

Gmar chasima tova!! I too have been pulling back on the blogging because of time constraints. I'd rather play ball with my boys or practice piano with my daughter than browse blogs, if I have the choice.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your lovely comment at 5MFSN's Beyond Ordinary. It's a whole new level of tough when they are old enough to worry! I hope everything went well!

And I so identify with this post. I have cut way back on my commenting too. There just aren't enough hours in the day. ;)

So glad to see you over at 5MFSN!

~Michelle @ 5MFSN

FAB said...

I will not be offended if I don't see you stopping by Search for Meaning. I think it's great to evaluate your time and how to best use it. Not that this blogging universe isn't wonderful, but it can become time consuming when we already have busy lives. Take time for you!

rickismom said...

Yes, FAB, but you stayed on my list! Mostly I stopped blogs where half of the posts are "fillers": Quizes, and the like. They may post excellant stuff between, but to follow is time-consuming for too little value.....

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

It is very hard to change once we are set in our lives and choose the way we want to live it. But mostly we don't change because we feel there is a reason for what we do. If we were to think that we were really doing something bad, then even if we can't help it we would still want to change and would try to seek ways to make it easier to make the transition in changing.

About cutting down in blog reading, that sounds like a beneficial change to have more time for your children and yourself to do other things. If it's something you really enjoy and find it hard to stop then you don't have to stop all the way, you can add them to a section in google reader where you do a mass checkup on them once in a while. I do that myself, where I have a daily section that I check up on every day, then I have another part where I just check when I have time, so this way I can still follow up on things but at the same time it doesn't compromise my time. So long as there are priorities of what comes first then there can still be some time for the extras once in a while.

Anonymous said...

I saw an article in our local newspaper about a student with DS graduating from the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland. The article also tells about a new documentary of a boy with DS and his bar mitsvah.

Syndicated through Religion News Service, byline David Briggs, title "Disabled Jews offer lessons of faith, love". fyi

need to kick the blog habit - me, too. sigh. tomorrow.